My name is Maria Fátima,I am from Rio deJaneiro,Brazil,I love old movies,but this simple little blog of mine is about my passion for Elvis Presley and Jerry Lewis.

Elvis Presley -  Blue Hawaii - Promotional photos -  Elvis , so gorgeous.

Jerry Lewis - Nobu McCarthy - Robert Hirano -  Suzanne Pleshette - The Geisha Boy -  This is such a funny, touching and cute movie.

Jerry Lewis -  60´S  - So handsome and charming,

Elvis Presley - Elvis and dogs a beautiful combination.

Jerry Lewis - Behind scenes - So handsome and sexy.


Jerry Lewis slips Jimmy a dirty note in the middle of their interview!

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Elvis Presley - Mary Tyler Moore - Change of Habit - Elvis, so gorgeous with that hair

Jerry Lewis - Anita Ekberg - Hollywood Or Bust - Jerry , you gorgeous man


Happy 90th Birthday Lauren Bacall

16th September 1924 - 12th August 2014 

"I think Betty’s enduring appeal flows not just from her skills, but from her inner strength of character. From the moment when I first spotted that lean and lanky seventeen-year-old in the theatre in New York, I’ve been looking, as millions around the world have, at a remarkable woman. After so many years, I can’t explain our friendship, nor would I try - for a tough broad, she blushes easily. Let me just say that I celebrate our time together, I have the joy of her friendship and we all have the joy of her talent - We’re all still looking, Betty.”

— Gregory Peck

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