My name is Maria Fátima,I am from Rio deJaneiro,Brazil,I love old movies,but this simple little blog of mine is about my passion for Elvis Presley and Jerry Lewis.

Elvis Presley - Speedway - So gorgeous and sexy.

Jerry Lewis -  Boeing Boeing - So gorgeous and sexy.

Jerry Lewis - Elvis Presley - Both of them so gorgeous.

Jerry Lewis - The Ladies Man -  Lucky girls - Jerry you gorgeous and funny man.

Elvis Presley -  Nancy Sinatra -  Speedway - Elvis , gorgeous.


jerry’s got moves xD

Yes , he does,

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OMG ! So sexy and hot !

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Elvis Presley - Ann Margret - Viva Las Vegas - Such a hot couple on and off the screen - Elvis , so gorgeous.

Jerry Lewis - Dean Martin - Pardners .

Divas from Europe.