My name is Maria Fátima,I am from Rio deJaneiro,Brazil,I love old movies,but this simple little blog of mine is about my passion for Elvis Presley and Jerry Lewis.

Divas in full body pictures.

Elvis Presley-His Family-Elvis , a handsome daddy and husband.

Jerry Lewis-His Family-Jerry a handsome daddy and husband.

Elvis Presley-Colonel Parker-Mary Tyler Moore-On the set of Change of Habit-Elvis, so gorgeous in that movie.

Elvis Presley-Jerry Lewis-My two pasions on the phone-Gorgeous men.

Jerry Lewis-Stella Stevens-On the set of The Nutty Professor-Jerry, a sexy,silly,handsome genius.

Jerry Lewis-Helen Traubel-Hope Holiday-Jerry you silly,funny,smart,handsome and charming man.

Jerry Lewis TCM Film Festival.

Elvis Presley-Carolyn Jones-Dolores Hart-King Creole-So gorgeos.