My name is Maria Fátima,I am from Rio deJaneiro,Brazil,I love old movies,but this simple little blog of mine is about my passion for Elvis Presley and Jerry Lewis.

Jerry Lewis - Tony Curtis - Christianne Schimdter - Boeing Boieng - Jerry and Tony, two handsome and talented guys.

Elvis Presley- Aloha From Hawaii - The 68 Comeback Special - Elvis,That´s The Way It Is -  OMG !

Jerry Lewis - Magazine Cover - One of them is from Brazil , Dirigido por-  On the Tempo magzine, he looks adorable - On the other ones , he looks gorgeous.

Elvis Presley - Loving You - So gorgeous -Sigh !

Jerry Lewis - Smiling - So beautiful his smie -  Jerry , so gorgeous.


Jerry Lewis - King of Comedy.

Elvis Presley - King of Rock.

Elvis Presley,so gorgeous.

Elvis Presley,so gorgeous.

Elvis Presley - 1956 - So gorgeous it hurts !

Jerry Lewis -In black or in White - Gorgeous anyway.